The Beauty of it is!!!

A ritual is a series of actions or type of behavior regularly and invariably followed by someone.

For me, besides the religious rites, the ritual I follow religiously is Make-Up.... Ritual can be elaborate, complicated and forced or can be easy, basic, and fun. But I keep it very simple and can be done in a few minutes, mostly happens to me on the go.. Just like my coffee!!

For daily wear, my routine is very short and sweet.

I start with the Benefit That Girl Primer (psst.. Here is an insider tip.. To take away the shine I sometimes mix and The Benefit Professional Primer)

I then use a light blush and dot my marks (yeah, I do have some imperfections to deal with.. After all, I too am a girl next door) with a Mac concealer and use the Benefit Cheek Tint.

At night, I tweak my ritual and use a bronze (ah!! What shines can do to anyone) then a nice Blush application to add the happy color to my cheeks and I always.. Always... read ALWAYS curl my eyelashes and apply lots and lots of Mabelline Colossal Mascara (don't forget to bat those full lashes then)

And finally... what is Make-Up without Lipstick. It's like chocolate without cocoa!! I love to use the Chanel Pink, for a night of Drama, I use a Bold Red (most makeup brands have amazing reds) and I top that with the New Dior Gloss (fun fact... I always use a primer first before I put on my lipstick it helps it last longer)

Now I am good to go!!