Fit in Style!!

I have so many who ask me about what I do to stay this size, especially so because I am 40. Honestly though I admit it's great to feel and look good, but size, shape, weight really doesn't matter to me as long as I feel and look happy with what I wear.


Having said that it's not that I am careless. I try to eat everything in moderation.... Barring my sugar intake, I am guilty of indulgence here. But In my defense, I balance it by burning it all up. I run... 5km thrice a week. Again running for me is about feeling good and not so much about losing weight. It's like meditation for my body. Getting in touch with what it needs and what needs to go. Additionally, I lead  an active life, I am always on my feet and on the go, tackling 50 things in a day. I guess it's a healthy balance of Eat, Work, Laugh and Play!!


Be mindful, don't have to eat a mouthful, and you'll know how to just be happy in your own skin. Hope this was of help.

Love you guys 😘

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